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Huang Zheng Associate Professor
Internet Addiction
Coping and Adaptation
Assessment of Mental Health and Psychological Rehabilitation Among Handicapped People
Wang Rui Assistant professor

My research is seeking to understand the brain plasticity mechanisms that enable us to translate visual experience into perceptual decisions and adaptive behaviors. Specifically, I employ behavioral approaches combined with computational modelling, brain imaging techniques (e.g., functional MRI, resting, MRS, etc) to investigate: (1) Perceptual learning: in particular, how high-level cognitive functions (e.g., attention, decision making) are involved during learning; (2) Statistical learning: how people extract the regularities through exposure to the environment抯 statistics and exploit them to predict novel events; (3) The mechanisms of neural inhibition in human learning.
Chen Kepu Assistant Professor

The basic properties and unique functions of human olfactory perception;
The character(s) of human olfaction in multisensory integration and its mechanism;
The processing and outputs of human chemosignals.