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Dr. Raymond Chan from the NACN Laboratory and the CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health was invited to give a keynote speech at the 5th Australasian Society for Social Affective Neuroscience Conference
Update time: 2018/07/19
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Dr. Raymond Chan from the Neuropsychology and Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (NACN) Laboratory and CAS Key Laboratory of Mental HealthInstitute of Psychology was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the 5th Australasian Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience (AS4SAN) Conference in Brisbane, Australia, June 21-22 2018.  

The Brisbane AS4SAN conference has maintained the single stream format that covered topics from a wide range of areas from animal modeling to clinical research. The conference has invited 4 keynote speakers who are world-leaders in their respective fields sharing their expertise and latest research over the next two days. Dr. Raymond Chan has given a keynote on “Hedonic processing impairments in clinical and subclinical samples: Convergent evidence from findings of self-reported, behavioural and imaging paradigms”. The other 3 keynote speakers included Dr. Emma Burrows from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Dr. Dhanisha Jhaveri from the Mater Research and the Queensland Brain Institute, and Dr. Christine Guo from the Queensland Institute for Mental Research.

The AS4SAN is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote basic and applied research investigating social and affective behaviour across a wide range of different species using a wide variety of neuroscience and neuropsychological techniques. AS4SAN sees social and affective neuroscience as an interdisciplinary field devoted to the study of central nervous system mechanisms (e.g., neural, hormonal, cellular, genetic) underlying social and affective behaviour, in the context of both normal development and functioning, as well as relevant to clinical disorders. Prior to the conference, the organisers also held two workshops on 19th June 2018 in the Centre for Advanced Imaging at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. More than 80 scholars and students coming from different counties attended this important event.

Moreover, Dr. Raymond Chan also contributed to the invited symposium organized by Prof. Patrick Leung, titled “The design of psychological treatments: Its mechanisms, its research basis and its efficacy/effectiveness” at the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) in Montreal, Canada. The symposium was a successful academic event co-organized by the IPCAS-CUHK Joint Laboratory on Bio-social Psychology. Dr. Chan’s talk was on the therapeutic impact of working memory training to enhance hedonic processing in both subclinical and clinical samples. Other speakers involved Dr. Suzanne So and Professor Patrick Leung from the Department of Psychology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Pragya Sharma from India. Dr. Sverra Nielsen, the former chair of the Norwegian Psychological Society was the discussant of this symposium. ICAP

A snapshot for part of the presenters and the attendees at the AS4SAN


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