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Address from the Director
Update time: 2022/08/24
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Welcome to our website!

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPCAS) was founded in 1951. Its predecessor was the Institute of Psychology of Academia Sinica.

Over the past eight decades, IP researchers have adhered to the sense of historical responsibility and the spirit of scientific rationality, and made concerted efforts to seek truth and innovation. They have adopted cutting-edge research in psychological science and strived for breakthroughs in frontier areas of psychology. IP has become a high-level scientific institution with academic influence both nationally and internationally. In the course of its development, IP has received support and help from the central government, collegial organizations and friends from all walks of life. Here, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude to them.

As the only national-level comprehensive psychological research institute, IP undertakes missions to improve psychological health and quality, promote social stability and harmony, provide and disseminate new knowledge, theories and research methods. In the 21st century, IP will develop rapidly by implementing the Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS. It has made great achievements in technological innovation, personnel training, management innovation, cultural and infrastructure construction, and has successfully completed the Phrase Three Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS.

Our society is now undergoing a transformation period when various thoughts collide and conflicts of interests loom large. Globalization, informationization, aging population, and accelerating urbanization have led to unprecedented impact on and challenges to people, and generated psychological distress. Thus attention should be paid to promote social psychological harmony, enhance people’s mental health and improve the counseling network. As a discipline of studying human mind and behavior, psychology provides a great opportunity for self-development and bears a significant responsibility for building a socialist harmonious society.

To promote "Innovation 2020" with a sense of mission, IP will hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, emancipate the mind, and seek truth from facts so as to keep abreast of the times and innovate. Focusing on major scientific and technological issues, IP is committed to breakthroughs in basic, strategic and forward-looking issues related to the nation’s comprehensive and long-term development; to promote original innovation in psychological research so as to scale the heights of its psychological development; and to turn itself into a think tank for improving our people’s health and building a harmonious society.

The IP website is a showcase of its development and progress, a platform for disseminating psychological knowledge, and a bridge for communication and exchange. Through this website, IP will release its latest research results to enhance understanding of psychology and promote mutual exchange and understanding. Last but not least, IP looks forward to working with colleagues and friends to open a new page for psychology.


Xiaolan Fu 
Director of IPCAS

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