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Update time: 2020/04/14
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The Institute of Psychology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was officially established in 1951. Its precursor was the Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica, which was founded in 1929.

The institute has a long-standing tradition of overseas academic exchange and international research cooperation. The institute has built long-term and regular exchange programs with many international renowned universities and institutes, such as, University of Michigan (USA), University of Minnesota (USA), Rutgers University (USA), National Institute of Drug Abuse (USA); Nijmegen University (Netherlands); University of Adelaide (Australia); Saarland University (Germany); University of Stockholm (Sweden); and Miami University (USA), etc.

In recent years, our scientists have worked on various projects with partners across the world, including but not limited to Donders Institute (the Netherlands), University of Toledo (USA),
Baylor College of Medicine (USA), the Iran National Science Foundation (Iran), Leiden University (the Netherlands), Universit?t Hamburg (Germany), Karolinska Institutet (Switzerland), Saarland University (Germany).

Since 2018, the institute started the Workshop in Frontiers of Psychology for Young Psychologists, with the vision of capacity building and grown up together for young psychologists in the region. 57 students from more than 20 Asian countries participated in the workshop. It has been striving to connect future psychologists and build a platform for academic and cultural exchange.


The 2019 Workshop in Frontiers of Psychology for Young Psychologists

Prof. R. Gelman and Prof. Gallistel from Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Rutgers University (USA) signed cooperation memorandum with Professor Kan Zhang, Director of Institute of Psychology, and Professor Shizhuan Zhang, Director of America-Oceania Section, International Cooperation Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences
· Prof. John Taplin, Vice President of University of Adelaide (Australia), visited the Institute and conducted academic exchanges
Prof. Hagoort, Director of F.C. Donders Cognitive Neuroimaging Center, University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), visited our Institute
Established cooperation relationship with University of Saarland (Germany) on faculty and student exchanges, developed joint research programs and collaborative studies

Prof. Nora D. Volkow, Director of National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) visited our Institute.

Prof. Marvin J. Dainoff, founder of Ergonomics Research Center, Miami University (USA), Past President of Academy of American Human Factors and Ergonomics, visited our Institute.
Prof. Dan Wagner from International Literacy Center, University of Pennsylvania (USA) visited the Institute

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