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  • Results of children’s mathematical thinking research guided decisions made by Chinese administrative departments. Based on this, the 9 year compulsory education trial materials were compiled, and introduced to the United States, Britain, Singapore and other countries, awarded the First Prize of Progress in S&T of CAS
  • Received more than 10 awards in the field of color science. Established color standards of the Chinese national flag, Hong Kong and Macau SAR flags, Chinese national color standard. The book “Colorimetry” by Qicheng Jing has been cited several hundred times by EI and CSCD journals
  • Establishment of basic technical requirements of HB5520-80 airplane cockkpit red light illumination, studied the night flight illumination system of Chinese airplanes
  • Earliest studies of aviation psychology in China, established principles for the design of the Chinese “Yun 7” airplane cockpit
  • Psychological study of selection of airplane pilots awarded Second Prize of Military Progress in S&T. Psychological study of selection of astronaut awarded Second Prize of Progress in S&T by the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense
  • China-Japan joint venture enterprises organizational behavioral study, awarded Second Prize of Progress in S&T of CAS
  • Participated in drafting laws and standards at the national level, such as “Advertisement Law of PRC”, “Professional Standards of Psychological Counselors of PRC”
  • The Institute of Psychology studies problems at the national level that are of importance to the welfare of the Chinese people.The Institute sends research reports to the General Office of CAS. Some of these reports are: "The 2007 Mental Health Condition of Chinese Citizens Report", "The Chinese Aged People Life Satisfaction Study and Related Policy Recommendations", "Facing the South China Rain and Snow Disasters, Recommendations by Chinese Experts on Risk Information Exchange and the Study of Social Psychology of the Affected People", "Recommendation of the Establishmentof a National Social Alarm System", "The Researchers of the Institute of Psychology study Safety Problems related to the Olympic Games", "Psychology of Individual Stock Investors in the Chinese Stock Market". Some Reports have been forwarded by CAS Information Office to Related Central Government Offices
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