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Exercise psychology: brain plasticity and health
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Exercise psychology: brain plasticity and health(from Gaoxia Wei’s group)

Our research addresses the question from both psychological, exercise, and neuroscience perspectives, ultimately working toward a general framework for understanding how exercise reshapes healthy brain. We focus on the following psychological techniques:

1) Traditional Tai Chi Chuan (Mindful-based TCC): we have explored its functions in cognitive and emotional health: identifying core cognitive components (executive control, sustained attention) and main negative affect (psychological stress, anxiety and depression), which is of great implication for health practice and treatment of multiple neurological disorders such as Mild Cognitive Impairment, anxiety, Major Depression Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This practice has been applied widely in school-aged children, young adults as well as old adults. Also, clinical populations will soon be involved in this direction to investigate its clinical significance in treating schizophrenia and depression as alternative and complementary medicine.

2) Biofeedback-based diaphragm breathing: we aim to develop a simplified monitor of health status for improving sleep quality and sustained attention as well as regulating negative emotions. Diaphragm breathing technique is developed as a portable and convenient APP nesting in cell phone to actualize online feedback information, which could be used anytime in any place. This technique is applicable in school, community and work places to reshape more healthy state.



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