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Update time: 2020/04/23
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 Assessment and Intervention of Mental Health 

     PI: Jianxin ZHANG PhD


 A Toolbox for Data Processing & Analysis of Brain Imaging
Prof. Chao-gan YAN PhD



      PI: Prof. Jing WANG, PhD


 Brain and Spinal Cord Imaging To Study The Pain Mechanism

     PI: Prof. Yazhuo KONG PhD


 Brain Mechanism of Drug Addiction

     PI: Prof. Nan SUI PhD


 Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Reading and Writing 
Prof. Hongyan BI PhD


 Cognitive and Social Development 
Prof. Liqi ZHU PhD


 Decision-making in uncertain context

     PI:Prof. Shu LI PhD


 Development of R-fMRI Methodology
Prof. Chao-gan YAN PhD


 Disaster Psychology

      PI: Prof. Wenzhong WANG, PhD


 Early detection & intervention of mental disorders and corresponding subclinical samples
Prof. Raymond R.C. CHAN PhD


 Early Literacy and Language Development
Prof. Su LI PhD


 Genetics and BioMedical Informatics

   PI:Prof. Kunlin ZHANG PhD


 Gifted Children and Gifted Education
Prof. Jiannong Shi PhD


 Lifespan Development of Mental Health
Prof. Juan LI PhD

Prof.Yufang YANG PhD


 National Mental Health Assessment and Development Center

      PI: Zhiyan CHEN Phd

 Psychology of Aging
Prof. Buxin HAN PhD

Prof. Wenjuan LIN PhD


 Reading and Visual Attention Lab
Prof. Xingshan LI PhD


 Research Center for Economic and Organizational Behaviors
Prof. Yong WANG PhD


 REST-meta-MDD Research
Prof. Chao-gan YAN PhD


 Study of Pain
Prof. Fei LUO PhD


 Traumatic Stress Studies

     PI: Prof.Li WANG PhD


 Vision and Attention Lab 
Prof. Yi JIANG PhD


 Visual cognition / emotions & cogniton / human-computer interaction

      PI: Prof.Xiaolan FU PhD


 Visual Perception and Plasticity

      PI: Prof.Min BAO PhD






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