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PsyCh Journal was Indexed and Abstracted in SSCI
Author: Miss. WANG Richu      Update time: 2018/01/24
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Informed by Clarivate Analytics, PsyCh Journal has been selected for coverage in Clarivate Analytics products and services. Beginning with V4 (1) 2015, PsyCh Journal will be indexed and abstracted in Social Sciences Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports.

PsyCh Journal, co-published by the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and John Wiley and Sons Australia, Ltd., is the first psychology journal from China to be published fully in English. The journal’s two-fold mission is to publish advanced research across all subdisciplines of psychological science, and to serve as a bridge between Chinese psychology and the rest of the world. Launched in 2012, the journal has been publishing four issues annually since 2014, and features full-length Original Articles, Review Articles, Special Reports, and Short Communications.

       Current leadership is shared by the journal’s two Editors-in-Chief (EICs), Professor Ernst Pöppel of Germany and Professor Jianxin Zhang of China. The Editorial Board of the journal is comprised of 61 members from 24 countries and regions; additionally, there are five Short Communication editors from three countries. All have been invited to join as leading scholars in their research fields, and to increase the journal’s cultural diversity, invitations have included top scholars from countries and regions less visible in mainstream psychology literature.

In 2016, 1,484 institutions offered access to the latest content in the journal via either a Wiley License or a traditional (title-by-title) subscription. Wiley’s philanthropic initiatives extended low-cost or free access to current content to 3,797 developing world institutions. PsyCh Journal is indexed in Social Science Citation Index, Medline, PsycINFO, Scopus and other collections and databases. The content of PsyCh Journal can be accessed at Wiley library: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)2046-0260  

Selective Special Collections published in PsyCh Journal in 2017

Special Collection on Development of self-regulation in children

Ø Editorial Developing minds: Self-regulation in children and adolescents across the globe

Ø Delay of gratification in middle childhood: Extending the utility and sensitivity of the standard task

Ø The influence of parenting on Mexican American children's self-regulation 

Ø Cognitive self-regulation and social functioning among French children: A longitudinal study from kindergarten to first grade

Ø The development of mentoring-relationship quality, future-planning style, and career goal setting among adolescents from a disadvantaged background 

Ø Adapting an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder parent training intervention to different cultural contexts: The experience of implementing the New Forest Parenting Programme in China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom

Ø Sense of control and adolescents’ aggression: The role of aggressive cues 

Ø Boys have not caught up, family influences still continue: Influences on executive functioning and behavioral self-regulation in elementary students in Germany

Special Collection on Chronobiology

Ø EditorialChronobiological research for cognitive science: A multifaceted view 

Ø Time to learn: How chronotype impacts education

Ø Interactions between psychosocial stress and the circadian endogenous clock

Ø Sleep patterns and their association with depression and behavior problems among Chinese adolescents in different grades

Ø Average mid-sleep time as a proxy for circadian phase 

Ø Pupillary light reflex and circadian synchronization in the elderly

Special Collection on Single Case Studies

Ø EditorialSingle case studies as a prime example for exploratory research

Ø Single case studies as a means for developing psychological theories 

Ø Synchronization as a biological, psychological and social mechanism to create common time: A theoretical frame and a single case study 

Ø The contribution of single case studies to the neuroscience of vision

Ø Linking neuroimaging signals to behavioral responses in single cases: Challenges and opportunities

Ø Scanning the world in three seconds: Mismatch negativity as an indicator of temporal segmentation 

Ø Split-brain phenomena in anterior communicating artery aneurysm rupture: A case report

Ø Does touch inhibit visual imagery? A case study on acquired blindness 

Ø The “third abstraction” of the Chinese artist LaoZhu: Neural and behavioral indicators of aesthetic appreciation 

Ø Seeing without knowing: Operational principles along the early visual pathway

Ø Cognitive bias salience in patients with schizophrenia in relation to social functioning: A four-case observation study 

Special Reports from China

Ø Adopting a cognitive neuroscience approach to study clinically ultra-high-risk individuals

Ø What could cognitive capital mean for China's children? 

Ø Temporal segmentation of cognitive processes in the domain of a few seconds


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