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Research Topics
Update time: 2010/03/01
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    Assessment and Intervention of Mental Health
    PI: Jianxin ZHANG PhD

    Behavioral Biology
    PI: Prof. Feng JIN PhD

    Behavior Genetics 
    PI: Prof. Zhongsheng Sun

    PI: Prof. Jing WANG, PhD

    Brain Mechanism of Drug Addiction
    PI: Prof. Nan SUI PhD

    Cognitive and Social Development
    PI: Prof. Liqi ZHU PhD

    Decision-making in uncertain context
    PI: Prof. Shu LI PhD

    Disaster Psychology
  PI: Prof. Wenzhong WANG, PhD

    Early Diagnosis of Mental disorders  
    PI: Prof. Raymond R.C. CHAN PhD

    Forecast of mass events and social risk factors
    PI: Prof. Erping WANG PhD

    Gifted Children and Gifted Education
    PI: Prof. Jiannong Shi PhD

    visual cognition / emotions & cogniton / human-computer interactiop
    PI: Xiaolan FU, Ph.D., Professor

    Human Olfaction Lab
    PI: Wen ZHOU Ph.D

    Individual behaviors and Organizational adjustment
    Researcher: Yong WANG PhD Associate Professor

    Lifespan Development of Mental Health 
    PI: Prof. Juan LI PhD

    PI: Yufang YANG PhD

    Psychology of Aging 
    PI: Prof. Buxin HAN PhD

    PI: Prof. Wenjuan LIN PhD

    Reading and Visual Attention Lab
    PI: Xingshan LI PhD

    Stress responses and psychosocial models in different ethnic groups after major disaster
    PI: Yuqing ZHANG PhD Associate Professor

    Study of Pain  
    PI: Prof. Fei LUO PhD

    Traffic satety / behavioral & cognitive calculation model 
    PI: Changxu WU PhD

    Twin Study 
    Researcher: Xinying LI, MD, PhD, Xiaodong YANG, PhD, Su LI, PhD

    Vision and Attention Lab
    PI: Yi JIANG PhD

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