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Research Progress
Neurological signs are associated with alterations in brain structu... [2020-01-07]
Individuals with social anhedonia anticipate less pleasure in socia... [2020-01-07]
Recent findings show the age effect on rapid temporal recalibration... [2019-12-12]
Event-, time- and activity-based prospective memory in children wit... [2019-12-05]
Dr. Raymond Chan has been named as one of the highly cited research... [2019-11-28]
Male children with schizophrenia were more impaired in auditory res... [2019-11-06]
Altered functional connectivity with social but not non-social anti... [2019-11-01]
Improvement of between-site generalizability for classifying schizo... [2019-10-28]
Dr. Raymond Chan gave a plenary lecture at the 6th Asian Congress f... [2019-09-29]
Specific superimposed white matter changes of combined schizophreni... [2019-08-30]
Research findings suggest that nucleus accumbens activation and ple... [2019-08-30]
Network analysis shows that schizotypal traits share behavioural ma... [2019-08-27]
Parvalbumin interneuron in the ventral hippocampus functions as a d... [2019-08-27]
Dr. Raymond Chan and his team made presentations at the 2019 Intern... [2019-06-18]
Reduced default mode network functional connectivity in patients wi... [2019-05-21]
A Survey on the Social Network Behaviors of Shidu Parents Based on ... [2019-04-29]
Ms. Zhuo-ya Yang received “Young Investigator Award” from the Sch... [2019-04-24]
Dr. Raymond Chan from the NACN Laboratory and the CAS Key Laborator... [2019-03-19]
Altered functional connectivity of the medial temporal lobe subsyst... [2019-03-08]
News from Xinhuanet | Chinese scientists develop new test for smell... [2019-03-05]

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