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Humans Navigate with Stereo Olfaction

The human brain exploits subtle differences between the inputs to the paired eyes and ears to construct three-dimensional experiences and navigate the environment. Whether and how it does so for olfaction is unclear, although humans also have two separate nasal passages that simultaneously sample from nonoverlapping regions in space. Here, we demonstrate that a moderate internostril difference ...
What transforms suicide ideators into suicide attempters?

In a paper published recently, Chinese scientists at Institute of Psychology, reported they have discovered that suicidal ideation affected suicidal attempts through the mediational chains of suicide-related social media use behaviors, which included attended to suicidal information (attended-to), commented on / reposted suicidal information (commented-reposted), and talking about suicide (talk...
Scientists discover the clock-controlled chemokine contributes to neuroinflammation-induced depression

Depression is a mental disorder with complex gene-environment interactions. Previous studies have shown that the patients with depressive disorders commonly display dysregulations of biological rhythms such as sleep disturbances, and cortisol secretion, which suggests circadian factors play a crucial role in the etiology of depression.
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CHINADAILY |CAS helps marshal global science community's COVID-19 fight

PsyCh Journal highlights a special topic on transdiagnostic study of mental disorders

Dr. Raymond Chan and his team made presentations at the 2019 International Consortium for Schizotypy Research in New Orleans

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