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Dr. Raymond Chan’s team from CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health most recent work shows brain regions in the reward network is specifically related to schizophrenia with persistent negative symptoms

Schizophrenia is a complex brain and neurodevelopmental disorders associating with a wide range of clinical, cognitive and emotional manifestations. Although the clinical of schizophrenia is mainly leaned on the presence of psychotic symptoms known as positive symptoms (such as delusion and hallucination), the ultimate functional outcome or prognosis is mainly determined by negative symptoms (s...
Dr. Raymond Chan and his team have identified 4 distinct developmental trajectories for individuals with schizotypal traits that characterized with unique emotional and social functioning

Schizotypy, defined as the personality organization underlying schizophrenia and other related mental disorders, is a critical construct for a broad range of scientific disciplines. Because schizotypy can be psychometrically identified in the general population, investigating schizotypy may provide a unique opportunity to better understand the underlying psychopathological process of psychosis ...
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis linked to depression caused by inflammation: a novel pathway

Depression is a serious mental health problem today and the pathological mechanism of depression is complicated. There are multiple hypotheses about the etiology of depression. One hypothesis is referred to as “cytokine or inflammatory hypothesis of depression”, which proposes that the actions of inflammatory processes, pro-inflammatory cytokines in particular, on the brain may account for...
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Dr. Raymond Chan from CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology Has Recently Been Selected As a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science

The Future of Brain and Cognition: CAS - NWO Program Start-up Symposium was Successfully Held

Dr. Raymond Chan From the CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health was Invited to Present at the 29th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention in Boston

  • The 4th Mental Health Conference was Held in WUXI, JIANGSU
  • CHEN Kepu of Human Olfaction Laboratory Won the 2014 Annual ‘Hengyuanxia...
  • RAO Lilin Selected as a Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association
  • Institute of Psychology Announce the Open Release of the CoRR Dataset
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  • The Development of Children’s Inequity Aversion [2016-11-03]
  • Academic Report: An Associative Account of Orthographic Satiation in Chin... [2016-10-20]
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