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Male children with schizophrenia were more impaired in auditory response inhibition than male children with autism

Autistic spectrum disorders and schizophrenia spectrum disorders are two typical neurodevelopmental disorders. Recent findings suggest that despite the different onset age, these two disorders share quite a lot of common genes, cognitive, emotional and social impairments.
Altered functional connectivity with social but not non-social anticipated emotion has been observed in individuals with social anhedonia

Affective forecasting is the ability to predict future emotions, which is very important for optimal everyday life functioning. Empirical findings suggest that patients with schizophrenia exhibit reduced ability to predict future emotions which may affect their negative symptoms and ultimate functional ability.
Improvement of between-site generalizability for classifying schizophrenia using unsupervised transfer learning on functional imaging data

Machine learning has been increasingly utilized to optimize the use of brain imaging data in clinical classification and to build predictive models for patients with schizophrenia. Assessing generalizability is one of the most important steps in evaluating predictive models but is surprisingly seldom conducted in clinical studies.
Int’l Cooperation News

Dr. Raymond Chan from the NACN Laboratory and the CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health was invited to give a keynote speech at the 5th Australasian Society for Social Affective Neuroscience Conference

The First Food Science Symposium was Held at the Institute of Psychology

Mr. Lizhi (doctoral student) of the Institute of Psychology Received “Young Investigator Award” From the 6th Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS) Conference

  • Vacancies: PsyCh Journal Managing Editor and Editorial Assistant
  • PsyCh Journal was Indexed and Abstracted in SSCI
  • The 4th Mental Health Conference was Held in WUXI, JIANGSU
  • CHEN Kepu of Human Olfaction Laboratory Won the 2014 Annual ‘Hengyuanxia...
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  • The psychological and neurobiological basis of incentive habits: relevanc... [2018-03-28]
  • The Development of Children’s Inequity Aversion [2016-11-03]
  • Academic Report: An Associative Account of Orthographic Satiation in Chin... [2016-10-20]
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