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Inhibitory Processes Exhibit Differential Plasticity and Impact to Fluid Intelligence Among Older Adults

As life expectancy increases, aging and cognitive decline becomes inevitable. To tackle this problem, practical interest has been attracted to executive function training, and the plasticity of inhibitory processes was especially highlighted due to its critical contributions to cognitive aging. Theoretically, it is also important to derive empirically the impact of training to untrained abiliti...
Multi-Voxel Functional Imaging Patterns in the Orbitofrontal Cortex are Associated with Value Processing During the Anticipatory and Consummatory Phases of Monetary Rewards

Although the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) has long been considered to play an important role in value computation and decision-making, recent neuroanatomical and functional imaging findings from both animal and human studies suggest there is a heterogeneous functional organization and distributed neural representations of values found in the OFC. Unfortunately, these functional patterns are not e...
The Updated Meta-Analysis of Functional Imaging Studies Demonstrates the Important Role of Orbitofrontal Cortex in Olfactory Hedonic Processing and Judgment

The experience of pleasure is an important part of healthy life. The ability to experience pleasure, to certain extent, will be probed by different modalities of our sensation. Olfaction, in particular, has its own unique advantages over the other sensory modalities to probe our hedonic system. However, the neural mechanism underlying the olfactory hedonic processing is still not clearly known....
Int’l Cooperation News

The Second Biennial Joint Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Symposium was Held at the Institute of Psychology

Prof. TAPLIN John, Former Vice Chancellor of University of Adelaide (Australia), Visited the Institute of Psychology

Dr. ZUO Xi-Nian Appointed as an Associate Editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience

  • The 4th Mental Health Conference was Held in WUXI, JIANGSU
  • CHEN Kepu of Human Olfaction Laboratory Won the 2014 Annual ‘Hengyuanxia...
  • RAO Lilin Selected as a Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association
  • Institute of Psychology Announce the Open Release of the CoRR Dataset
  • Upcoming Events
  • (2014.12.9 Meeting Room, Level 5, South building)HOU Xiaohui: Miswired ... [2014-12-10]
  • (2014.11.27 Conference Hall, Level 1, North building)QU Xiaoyan: Attach... [2014-11-26]
  • (2014.11.18 Meeting Room, Level 5, South building)XU Qian: Conscious an... [2014-11-14]
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