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The benefits of emotionally salient cues on event-based prospective memory in bipolar patients and schizophrenia patients

Prospective memory (PM) is an important memory for future, refers to the ability to remember to carry out future intentions when prompted by a cue, such as posting a mail when passing the post office. Clinical populations including patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have shown PM deficits.
Research Shows There Is Correlation between Depression and Social Behavior on Smartphones

Depression is a mental disorder that is widespread in the world, with more than 300 million people affected. Although depression can be treated with different methods, only fewer than half of those eligible received treatment because of the difficulty of diagnosing depression. More efficient methods of identifying depression could significantly improve the delivery of services to those in need.
Oxytocin Determines Whether You Can Smell Someone's Gender

Oxytocin modulates both the decoding of feminine information carried by estratetraenol in straight men and that of masculine information carried by androstadienone in gay men, in an inverted-U-shaped manner — too little or too much oxytocin would inhibit our subconscious decoding of these sexual chemosignals.
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Dr. Raymond Chan from CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology receives a NSFC-RGC Joint Research Scheme

Dr. Raymond Chan Has Recently Been Invited to Join the Inaugural Editorial Board of a New Journal, Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science

The Virtual Research Centre for Transdiagnostic Clinical and Subclinical Groups has organized an online symposium on transdiagnostic mental health research

  • The NACN Laboratory Has Organized the Third Online Joint Developmental Co...
  • The Virtual Research Centre for Transdiagnostic Clinical and Subclinical ...
  • Vacancies: PsyCh Journal Managing Editor and Editorial Assistant
  • PsyCh Journal was Indexed and Abstracted in SSCI
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