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Research Shows the Time Course of Risk Processing in Reward-Based Decision Making

Most decisions are made with a certain degree of risk. Traditional theoretical models posit that people are risk-neutral in risky decision making, provided that all other considerations are equal. However, people are often irrational when making a decision under risk. For example, A well-known bias in risky economic decision making is that most ...
Neurophysiology Study from IPCAS Unveils Encoding of Visual Movement during Action Planning in Monkey Posterior Parietal Cortex

Neurons in the posterior parietal cortex respond selectively for spatial parameters of planned goal-directed movements. Yet, it is still unclear which aspects of the movement the neurons encode: the spatial parameters of the upcoming physical movement (physical goal), or the upcoming visual limb movement (visual goal). Physical goal encoding wou...
Schizotypy Trait Associates with Changes of Structural and Functional Connectivity

Schizotypy is a set of enduring traits and phenotypic expression of the familial-genetic liability to schizophrenia. The importance of schizotypy in understanding the psychopathology of schizophrenia has recently been emphasized because empirical evidence suggests that individuals with high schizotypy and patients with established schizophrenia ...
Int’l Cooperation News
Dr. Raymond Chan’s group from the Institute of Psychology and Dr. Ciping Deng’s group from the Institute of Developmental and Educational Psychology, East China Normal University has co-organized a joint developmental cognitive neuroscience symp...more
Raymond Chan and His Group Members Attended and Made Presentation at the 4th International Conference on Prospective Memory (IC...04/06
A Joint Lab Symposium on Psychosis between the NACN Lab, Key Lab of Mental Health, and Hong Kong Castle Peak Hospital was held ...24/12
  • The 4th Mental Health Conference was Held in WUXI, JIANGSU
  • CHEN Kepu of Human Olfaction Laboratory Won the 2014 Annual ‘Hengyuanxia...
  • RAO Lilin Selected as a Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association
  • Dr. WANG Yi of Key Laboratory of Mental Health received ‘Young Investiga...
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  • (2014.12.9 Meeting Room, Level 5, South building)HOU Xiaohui: Miswired ...[2014-12-10]
  • (2014.11.27 Conference Hall, Level 1, North building)QU Xiaoyan: Attach...[2014-11-26]
  • (2014.11.18 Meeting Room, Level 5, South building)XU Qian: Conscious an...[2014-11-14]
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