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Scientists Identify Effects of Tai Chi Chuan Practice on Mindfulness Level

Mindfulness, a psychological concept that originated from Buddhism with a long history, emphasizes present moment awareness, focus on purpose, and non-judgmental thinking. It is well established that mindfulness-based interventions are beneficial for alleviating stress and improving psychological well-being. Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) is a mindfulness-based exercise that involves maintaining a state o...
Individuals With Social Anhedonia Exhibit Altered Activation and Functional Connectivity When Envisioning Positive Future Events

Patients with schizophrenia report diminished pleasure when looking forward to future events. This reduced ability to envision and predict future events and episodes is one of the core features of negative symptoms known as anticipatory pleasure deficit. Such deficit is often refractory to conventional medical treatment and has a negative impact on the everyday functioning of patients with schi...
Individuals with High Levels of Schizotypal Traits Are Prone to Exhibit Effort-reward Imbalance

Effort-reward imbalance (ERI) is a psychological process that affects our goal-directed and motivational behaviour. It refers to an imbalance between high-effort commitment and low-reward outcome, i.e., when an individual perceives that he/she expends greater efforts but gains disproportionately few rewards.
Int’l Cooperation News

CAI Xin-lu and ZHOU Han-yu of the CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health have received “Young Investigator Award” from the 2021 Schizophrenia International Research Society Congress

Dr.Raymond Chan from the CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology Has Received the 2021 Global Schizophrenia Award by the Schizophrenia International Research Society

Dr. Raymond Chan has recently been invited to join the editorial board of Schizophrenia Research

  • The NACN Laboratory Has Organized the Third Online Joint Developmental Co...
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  • Vacancies: PsyCh Journal Managing Editor and Editorial Assistant
  • PsyCh Journal was Indexed and Abstracted in SSCI
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  • ARWA 2020 Conference [2020-08-10]
  • The psychological and neurobiological basis of incentive habits: relevanc... [2018-03-28]
  • The Development of Children’s Inequity Aversion [2016-11-03]
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