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The Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Individuals’ Risky Decision Making and Brain Activity

From ancient mythology of ‘goddess Chang flying to the moon’ to ‘Star Trek’, humans have always dreamed of living in space, and even immigrate ...
Study Implies a Functional Interaction between Visual Dorsal Stream and Olfactory System

In our daily life, we are constantly exposed to multiple sensory inputs that come from different sensory modalities of varying reliability. Yet we ...
Int’l Cooperation News
Dr. Raymond Chan’s group from the Institute of Psychology and Dr. Ciping Deng’s group from the Institute of Developmental and Educational Psychol...more
Raymond Chan and His Group Members Attended and Made Presentation at the ...04/06
A Joint Lab Symposium on Psychosis between the NACN Lab, Key Lab of Menta...24/12
  • Institute of Psychology Announce the Open Release of the CoRR Dataset
  • Dr. WANG Yi of Key Laboratory of Mental Health received ‘Young Investiga...
  • Dr. Raymond Chan was invited to give a plenary speech at the CIHR-NSFC Ca...
  • Dr. Raymond Chan from the Key Lab of Mental Health was Invited by Prof. J...
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  • Academic report:Career Pursuit and Romantic Relationships during Emerging...[2014-07-10]
  • Academic report: A Motivational Model of Shifting Risk Preferences[2014-06-13]
  • Academic report: Culture and Health: From Emotional Pain to Physical Pain[2014-05-09]
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