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A Joint Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Symposium was Held between Raymond Chan’s Group and Dengciping’s Group at East China Normal University
Update time: 2014/07/01
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     Dr. Raymond Chan’s group from the Institute of Psychology and Dr. Ciping Deng’s group from the Institute of Developmental and Educational Psychology, East China Normal University has co-organized a joint developmental cognitive neuroscience symposium at the China East Normal University on June 24th 2014.

     The theme of this symposium was “Cognitive and Emotional Performances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders”. Developmental cognitive neuroscience is a relative new discipline aiming at studying the neural and cognitive development of healthy and clinical populations using a combination of conventional developmental psychology and newly developed neuroscientific tools such as neuroimaging and ERP. This joint symposium will provide a unique opportunity for both groups to share their expertise in both developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

      During the symposium, Dr. Deng’s group had focused on typically developing children and children with ADHD and dyslexia, while Dr. Chan’s group had focused on patients with schizophrenia and at-risk individuals with schizotypy traits. Participants of this symposium included Drs. Qing Cai, Ya Wang, Tianxiao Yang, Chao Yan and a group of postgraduate students from both groups.

Fig. A group photo of presenters and participants of the symposium



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