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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Wonderful
Update time: 2013/09/04
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Speaker: Prof. Constantine Sedikides 
      University of Southampton
Time:    10:00 - 11:00am
Date:   Sep 12th(Thu), 2013
Venue:  Lecture Hall, Level 1, North Building

Abstract:What do people want to know about themselves? What kind of information do they solicit from others? What sort of feedback do they remember? These questions are addressed by self-evaluation motives and, in particular, self-enhancement/self-protection, self-assessment, and self-verification. The self-enhancement and self-protection motives refer to the pursuit of positive feedback and the avoidance of negative feedback. Self-assessment motivation refers to the pursuit of accurate feedback (be it positive or negative), whereas self-verification refers to the pursuit of feedback consistent with pre-existing self-beliefs (positive or negative). Adopting a comparative-testing framework, self-enhancement and self-protection motives are pit against self-assessment and self-verification motives in information-gathering settings and feedback situations. It is concluded the self-enhancement and self-protection are the predominant self-evaluation motivations. Support from this view is obtained from a cross-cultural perspective. Individual differences in self-enhancement will be considered. The talk will conclude with a consideration of the origins—societal, individual, evolutionary—of self-enhancement and self-protection motives.

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