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Academic Report: Attachment and Mental Health: Influences of Cultural Context
Update time: 2014/11/26
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Speaker: QU Xiaoyan

(PhD Candidate from University of Tokyo)

Time14:00-15:00 (Tue), November 27, 2014

Venue: Conference Hall, Level 1, North Building

      Although Bowlby suggested that the core components of attachment theory are culturally universal, many researchers have a consensus on the importance of culture in influencing attachment, and Keller has proposed the re-conceptualization of attachment theory as a culture- sensitive framework. To examine the cross-cultural applicability of adult attachment theories, more empirical studies on non-White adult populations should be conducted.
In this report, I will present two studies to discuss cultural influences on attachment, focusing on the cultures of Japan and China. Study 1 investigated whether the nature of attachment was culturally consistent between these two cultures by comparing the relationships of attachment, coping, and general mental health. Cultural similarities and differences between these two groups were found and discussed. Study 2 investigated which role attachment played in the acculturation process when Chinese students come to Japan to continue with their studies. The effect of attachment, the modes of acculturation on general mental health as well as the interactive effect of attachment and acculturation on general mental health were examined.


  1. 20141127-Attachment and Mental Health.pdf

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