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The Division of Mental Health and Behavior Genetics
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The mission of this laboratory is to investigate the rules and mechanisms of the interaction between health and psychological, cognitive, behavioral, and genetic factors, on different levels of from molecules, neural network, brain function to individual and social behavior, based on an extended bio-psycho-social health model. Our aims are (1) to reveal the population distribution and variation of psychological health condition in Chinese people; (2) to build data bases and analytical platform for psychological problems; (3) to provide scientific support for the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders; (4) to establish new methods and techniques of psycho crisis intervention and psychological health promotion; and (5) to provide theoretical and technical support for the constitute of State policy for public psychological health service. We are looking forward to becoming a leading base of innovative research and application in the field of psychology and health..

Research Topics:stress and coping, cognitive neuroscience and behavioral genetics of psychological health, personality, lifespan development, healthy aging, the early detection, diagnosis and non-mediical treatment for  mental illnesses,. psychological health promotion and crisis intervention.

We currently have fifty-five faculties and stuffs in the laboratory; include twelve professors, nineteen associate professors, twenty assistant professors, four technicians and secretaries, eight post doctorates and one hundred and ten graduate students.

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