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Public’s social psychological problems during the period of social transformation
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PI: Prof. Li Shu 

At present, there are many uncertain factors that affect social harmony during the special period of Chinese economic transformation. During the project we will explore many important social psychological problems that affect social harmony and stability at three levels (individual, organizational, and social). At the individual level, we will study public’s uncertain decision-making mechanism under special Chinese historic and cultural background (ie, decision-making under risk, social interactive behavior, economic decision-making and consumer behavior). At the organizational level, we will investigate Organizational behavior and human resources management (ie, brand management, work teams, leadership, and safety culture). At the social level, we will research Social psychology and complicated system safety (ie, social alarming system, psychological harmony, and interpersonal trust & credibility). The cardinal goal of the project is to promote understanding about social and economic behavior during social and economic transformation, to develop new theory, method, technology and tool for social psychology, organizational behavior, human resource management and economical psychology in Chinese context, and to provide proposals and advices for governments and companies.

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