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Cognitive Characteristics of Visual Media
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National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)

PI: Prof. Fu Xiaolan

This project is aimed to study the behavioral and neural characteristics and mechanism of human visual cognition. The research results are supposed to apply in the field of intelligent process of visual media. The topics studied in the project include:
1) Characteristics of human visual cognition: The role of eye gaze in attentional shift; the grouping principals of human visual perception; learning mechanism of visual statistical properties.

2) Mechanism of human visual working memory: integration mechanism of visual perception and visual working memory; the role of semantic information in the process and understanding of visual information; the memory and recognition of object and scene in 3D environment.

3) Neural network: information process style in a neural network; the architecture of neural network; mechanism of redundant information process in a neural network

4) Cognitive computation: Acquisition and description of eye gaze; cognitive computation modeling

The general goal of the project is to make progress in revealing the mechanism of human visual cognition and the self-organization and optimization mechanism of neural system, to explore new ways in which redundant information can be efficiently processed based on neural network theory and to publish more than 20 papers on international journals (including 1 paper on Nature or Science).


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